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Police, ambos and firies on scene as girl trying to hide gets wedged at Orange Civic Centre

July 24, 2023

Police, ambulance and fire brigade on the scene. Supplied.

By Peter Holmes

When a group of young people causing a late-night racket near Orange Civic Centre scattered after the arrival of a local on a bicycle, one girl found herself fenced in. Or maybe it was fenced out.

A man said he heard “a lot of screaming” around the council car park and the forecourt outside Orange Library at about 11pm last Sunday. He went to investigate.

“There were about six juveniles, and a bloke on the ground with a girl who looked about 11 on top of him,” he told The Orange News Examiner.

“They were carrying on like crazy. I had my bike lights on, and they scattered.”

The man went to report the incident to Orange Police Station and continued on his bike ride.

As he passed by the same way on his return journey he noticed police and the fire brigade in attendance. An ambulance soon arrived.

Fire brigade officers were attempting to extricate a young girl from the entrance to an underground storage area facing the Orange Civic Centre car park.

The gate leading to a storage area. Copyright: Orange News Examiner.

The girl became stuck here. Copyright: Orange News Examiner.

It appears as though she was attempting to hide in a storage area underneath the council building, but became wedged while trying to negotiate the entrance.

“She got stuck in a little piece of angled fence next to the gate. She got her body through and then her leg got stuck,” said an officer from Orange Fire Brigade.

“There is an opening about 200 millimetres wide and she was able to squeeze her body through, and then she either fell over or her legs just got trapped.”

Officers unbolted a sheet of mesh fencing, which “relieved a bit of pressure” and then were able to lift her out.

"She was OK, hurting a bit.”

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