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New tenant for former Holden dealership site

October 31, 2022

A Google photo from 2010 shows the Holden dealership.

By David Fitzsimons

A major car dealership is set to open, as the rejuvenation of a key location close to the Orange CBD continues.

The former site of Canobolas Holden at Fiveways, on the corner of Summer Street and Endsleigh Avenue, has laid vacant and become increasingly overgrown since 2019, after Holden shut its doors across Australia.

Work has been progressing at the site this year and a new sign is announcing its future use.

It will become the home of Orange City Mazda, part of the John Davis Motor Group.

Construction is also continuing across the road at the former site of Audi, Kia and used car showrooms, which will become a Guzman Y Gomez Mexican fast food outlet.

The current Mazda dealership in Orange is one of several different car showrooms run by the Davis group a short distance away on Bathurst Road.

A Google photo from 2010 shows the street view with Holden and Kia dealerships, now to be Mazda and Guzman y Gomez.

Orange City Council approved additions, alterations and business signage for the former-Holden site costing $973,500 in April.

The site sold for $4.3 million last November, after being listed for sale for more than a year, according to real estate website Domain. It also says the site previously sold for $1.75 million in 2001.

The property sale advertisement by Blowes Real Estate said the buildings on the site were constructed in 2003 and had undergone upgrades and refurbishments.

The sale advertisement included a nearby site in Endsleigh Avenue with the showroom and workshop building, estimated to date back to the 1960s, in the deal.

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