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Lake Canobolas to get water fountain and floating boardwalk as part of $1.3 million upgrade

February 13, 2022

Lake Canobolas with a water fountain. main photo: Orange City Council. Digitally altered.

By Peter Holmes

A fountain shooting water 20 metres into the air will be built at Lake Canobolas.

There will also be a floating boardwalk along the western shore, 13 new shade structures and new wheel-chair accessible concrete paths around key picnic areas.

Orange City Council will receive more than $1.3 million from the state government to "activate the precinct".

“Lake Canobolas is a true gem in Orange and it's great to see our government putting forward two programs that will invest in its preservation and improvement for future generations to enjoy,” Nationals MLC Sam Farraway said in a statement.

Orange deputy mayor Gerald Power said that "as well as being a huge water feature that will catch the eye of visitors, the fountain is about improving water quality for fish by boosting oxygen levels”.

He said the upgrades would provide "a much more enjoyable experience at Lake Canobolas for everyone", adding that there will be a new playground and amenities block.

“We’ve had walking tracks around the lake for many years and these will now be resurfaced. We’re looking at a new boat ramp to ease access for canoes and dragon boats.

Lake Canobolas in 2022. Copyright: Orange News Examiner.

"On weekends there are hundreds of people driving to the lake, so with this funding we’ll be able to reorganise a number of parking areas including one near the café to make them work better."

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