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Don't buy a house? Rent and pay someone's mortgage for them. Job done. Or would you rather just come of a certain age and have a house built ready for you? Would this solve the financial / social quandary you have spoken about here? Sorry I should have started with "OPINION".

- John

Houses in this town, and general are now out of the reach of thousands of working people living here. I grew up here, and it is no longer the Orange I knew. To have a home of your own is just a dream now that so many people share. It is impossible to even get a rental to pay someone else's mortgage. It is truly a sad and sorry state of affairs, but unfortunately for many of us it is the sad truth.

- Twissy

Does not only effect Orange, it’s happening in the smaller villages like Cudal, Manildra, Cumnock, Yeoval. It’s a flow-on effect - houses in these villages are often not on the market for more than a day.

- Warren

Have a look at the housing market in Sydney, Central Coast and Bathurst.

Why is it the fault of people who have worked all their lives. Bought a home, paid it off, and perhaps have invested. No mention of many who do not sacrifice, holiday, live a pretty good lifestyle, then say it someone else’s fault they can not get into housing. I have put in submissions on ideas for affordable housing and social housing, and attended a number of forums. Even went to Griffith to see a “pilot” program down there. Perhaps follow that up.


- Reg

I have been trying to purchase a home for the past two years and have been out priced. Stuck having to stay in a rental which has gone from $410 - $500 in 3 years. My wage has not increased in that time period. You are completely correct and it is affecting many of us hard working average income residents. What do we do and where do we go?

- Janine

Janine our rent is going up another $50 if we sign a new lease - totalling $90 in a year. I understand it's consistent with the market, but like you, no increased wages! Desperate people with no other options are being taken advantage of. A house I rented 3 years ago for $470 p/w is now on the market for $700 p/w. That's an entire weeks wage for some people. I imagine financial hardship scenarios are well on the rise.

- Becca

It's just disgusting, I feel for you. The whole idea was renting was cheaper than buying. I pay $800 a FORTNIGHT for my $400,000 mortgage.

- Alisha

Great column!

- Daniel

I remember when Orange didn't have a BMW dealer, then we opened the Cadia Mine.

- Campbell

The irony of an ad for a Nationals candidate on this article is so thick you can slice it.

- Jeff

$20 to $30 per hour “drifting out of view”… more like long since disappeared, poor journalism.

- Darren

Houses in Orange doubled in value during the 80s and late 80s was 17 percent cent interest. Not the first time it's been hard.

- Paul

For me to be able to afford to buy the closest house is Cobar.

- Samcha

In 1980 the median house value in Australia was $69,693. Today it's $738,975. That's a 960% increase. Now, are you going to tell me with a straight face that wages have also increased 960% since 1980? Because if you really believe that then just wait until I tell you about this great bridge I have to sell.

- Peter

I bought my first property at this time and the interest rates were scary. It was “hard”, it’s never been easy to get into the property market. However, my wages kept on rising and I agree this made the difference.

- Julie


Bring it!

- Glenn


- Deidre

The council needs to be told this is very wrong put the stupid sports stadium somewhere else

- Carolyn


- Maria

And of the old trees destroyed?


Great, but at the cost of mental health, and all in line to make Bloomfield a suburb. But, hey, we can always go to Dubbo or Wollongong to get mental health.

- David


This temporary indoor playground idea would appear to be a nice notion on the surface, but for me, when thought through, it becomes a logistical, practical, risky and very costly nightmare. That and the fact that it needs to be pulled together, with all boxes ticked within a few weeks, all sounds a bit fanciful. I can’t see it happening. Full marks to council for exploring ideas like this that would potentially make life better for some of us, but on that note, I wonder if the money being talked about for this playground would be better spent on a similar temporary project that provided beds in a sheltered situation for homeless people through winter?

- Bob

A ninja course would be a great idea for the 12-16 olds too

- Sarah

If it was a fast food chain, council would be on site today trying to get the thing built ASAP. If it’s something the younger people of Orange want, it will never happen! Perhaps we put forward plans for a playground for the Food Week pensioners! I reckon it will be finished next week!

- Murray

I heard about this last month, how cool is the idea.

- Tel

So excited!

- Sharna

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