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Young couple the sole bidders for Orange three bedder on 930sqm block

June 4, 2022

About 15 people attended the auction on Saturday morning. Copyright: Orange News Examiner.

By Peter Holmes

A young couple have bought their first property after successfully bidding at an auction in Orange on Saturday morning.

The home, on a 930-square-metre block in Maguire Avenue, sold for $620,000.

"Excellent property - whether you want to move into it or add it to your investment portfolio," said the auctioneer from Orange Real Estate before opening the floor to bids.

The crowd of about 15 remained silent.

"Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, walk-in robe, good-sized kitchen, where do we begin ladies and gentleman?" the auctioneer said, filling the void. "Start me away."

The call of $580,000 came from the couple.

The auctioneer then said "580", "five-eight-o" and "five hundred and eighty thousand" a total of eight times before asking for a bid of another $20,000.

"Do I see six [$600,000] anywhere?"

The kitchen. Domain.

There was no response.

"It's too cold to mess around," he said. "I'll call it for the first call. Five hundred and eighty thousand. Second call. Five hundred and eighty thousand dollars. Third and final call ..."

There were no further bids, so the auctioneer sought instructions from the vendors. He returned with a vendor bid.

"Vendor bid ladies and gentlemen of $610,000, so the bid's with me."

Looking at the man who had bid $580,000, he added: "You're out sir, happy to go to 620 if you will."


The auctioneer does his thing. Copyright: Orange News Examiner.

"I'll say 20 sir?" the auctioneer asked the bidder.

The bidder was prepared to go to $615,000. The game was afoot.

"I'm happy to work with you sir - six hundred and fifteen thousand, back with our starter."

After a first, second and third and final call, the auctioneer again sought vendor instructions.

The offered bid was not quite enough to put the house on the market. Scott Quirk, director at Orange Real Estate, spoke with the bidders to let them know they were close to the reserve price.

The man upped the bid another $5,000, to $620,000.

As the auctioneer announced the bid and the first and second calls, he was informed by agency staff that the property was now on the market.

"We are playing for keeps," he said. "Third and final call, are we all done, are we all silent?"

There were no further bids, the hammer came down and for this old dame, one era was over, and another was about to begin.

The sellers chatted with the new owners.

A woman pulled into the adjacent driveway to find potential home buyers, rubberneckers and real estate agents scattered out across the front lawn of the house next door.

The young homebuyers did not want to comment on their purchase.

According to the property last sold in 1980 for $45,000.


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