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You probably don't want to hear this, but bowser blues could be worse

The latest bowser bulletin is not all bad. Stock image.

By David Fitzsimons

While petrol prices have soared in the past week there is "good" news for Orange motorists today.

The city’s drivers have been spared the worst of the price hikes.

A study of the state government’s Fuel Check NSW website, which provides live fuel prices for all service stations across NSW, reveals Orange drivers are generally paying less than the average price for the whole state right now.

And they’re paying well below the most expensive, which are in Sydney.

The biggest winners are people who use E10 or U91 unleaded fuel in their cars.

At 12.45pm today (Wednesday) the state average price for E10 was 210.4 cents per litre.

All bar one of the 12 service stations in Orange and Lucknow were selling this fuel below the state average price.

Orange area prices ranged from 199.9-210.9 cents per litre.

The state average for U91 unleaded was 211.1 cents per litre.

In Orange all 13 sites selling this fuel were below or equal to the average with prices ranging from 201.9-210.9 cents per litre.

Diesel and premium fuel (95 and 98) were still seeing cheaper prices but shopping around was important as not all were below the state average.

The diesel average was 221.6 cents per litre. In Orange prices were 216.7-229.9 at the time of comparison.

The 95 average was 225.3 cents per litre. In Orange it's 212.9-225.9.

The 98 average was 232.9 while the Orange prices ranged from 221.9-234.9.

So where was the best place around Orange for cheap fuel?

According to Fuel Check NSW at lunchtime on Wednesday the Metro at Lucknow had the lowest prices across most categories.


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