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Workers warned off starting a fire in front yard of building site

The fire on Anson Street, shortly after it had been put out. Copyright: Orange News Examiner on-the-spot photo.

By Peter Holmes

A council staff member was called to a building site in Orange on Friday morning following complaints from neighbours about a fire in the front yard of the property.

The small fire, next to a mound of dirt and within metres of a house, appeared to have been deliberately lit.

A pile of wood and other rubbish was near the fire, however it was unclear whether the junk was bound for the flames or the tip.

Two men were standing in the front yard.

A worker in an Orange City Council bucket hat spoke to the men, and the fire was then extinguished.

The worker told The Orange News Examiner that his appearance on the scene was triggered following complaints from neighbours.

The bushfire danger period ends March 31.


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