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WARNING: Betting shops are taking money for a candidate in Calare who doesn't exist

By Peter Holmes

Betting agencies have placed Nationals MP Andrew Gee as an almost unbackable favourite in Calare at the forthcoming federal election.

Two agencies have Gee at $1.10 to retain the seat, which means that if you had a $1 bet on Gee and he won you would receive $1.10 in return.

Another agency had Gee at $1.12.

This agency has lumped a group of candidates together.

The numbers, however, may change once the agencies cotton onto the fact the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers (SFF) isn't fielding a candidate due to lack of quality choices.

Another agency taking money on the SFF, which isn't running a candidate.

As of Saturday two of the three surveyed by The Orange News Examiner still had SFF as a standalone option, but you'd need your head read - were all the psychologists in town not fully booked - if you bet on a party that wasn't running a candidate.

The third agency had lumped a group of candidates together as "any other", which included independent Kate Hook, One Nation's Stacey Whittaker and UAP's Adam Jannis.


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