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Wade Park's $890,000 makeover has been delayed

June 29, 2022

Wade Park. Supplied.

By Peter Holmes

The July start date for the works at Wade Park has been pushed back.

In January Orange City Council was awarded a grant for $890,000 under the NSW government’s 2021/2022 Regional Sports Facility Fund to undertake renovations to the Wade Park change rooms under the western grandstand, and to install renewable energy and energy efficient infrastructure.

"The project includes a much-needed upgrade to Wade Park’s amenities and referee room to provide fit for purpose facilities that cater for increased female participation in sports such as cricket and rugby league, which are regularly played at the venue," council papers state.

"Largely unchanged since the grandstand was constructed in the 1970s, the player and referee change rooms no longer meet required standards."

Once completed the venue will have four "high quality" change rooms (two under the grandstand and two in the Carl Sharpe Cricket Centre), which would allow both men’s and women’s teams to have their own designated change rooms.

The other upgrades are the installation of a 30kW solar PV system, heat pump hot water system, battery storage and energy efficient LED lighting for the precinct, which is hoped will achieve a net zero outcome for the site.

A council spokesperson told The Orange News Examiner the Wade Park renovation would not begin in July as previously stated due to delays in the construction industry, but that it was expected to start in the months following.

The project will be staged so as to limit the impact to regular Wade Park users.



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