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UPDATED: Right now, Woolies are struggling to be the "fresh food" people

By Peter Holmes

"Unforeseen circumstances". Photo: Supplied.

Shoppers at Woolworth's in North Orange on New Year's Day 2022 were met with empty displays in the fruit and veg section.

One shopper, who visited the North Orange Shopping Centre early on Saturday evening, was surprised by the dearth of produce.

Slim pickings. Photo: Supplied.

If you'd been planning vegetable soup and a fruit salad for dinner, you may have been left very disappointed.

There were plenty of pumpkins, however.

Pumpkin soup for dinner, then. Photo: Supplied.

"Due to COVID related impacts on our supply chain operations, we’re experiencing delays with some of our stock deliveries to stores," a Woolies spokesperson told The Orange News Examiner on Sunday morning.

"Our teams are doing all they can to replenish stock as quickly as possible."

Bit light on. Photo: Supplied.

Woolworth's apologised for the inconvenience and thanked customers for their patience.

It is understood that the logistical problems relate to Covid absences among drivers and those working at distribution centres.


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