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Unusual venue pitched as home for Orange's indoor playground over winter

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By David Fitzsimons

The former Pee Wees site on Byng Street has been ruled out as the venue for an indoor playground over winter.

Council staff have instead proposed setting up the playground at Orange Indoor Tennis Centre on Palmer Street.

It would cost about $5,000 a week to operate across winter, operating from 9am-3pm.

Council’s bid to find an independent operator have so far been unsuccessful.

Staff are proposing the council hire play equipment for the centre.

“No interest has been gained for a short-term playground operator yet although discussions have been held with persons seeking to establish a permanent centre,” a staff report to next Tuesday’s council meeting stated.

“It should be noted again that if a permanent playground commences in this time period council will close the temporary facility.”

The report said hopes for the venue to be set up in the former Pee Wees were dashed following discussions with Orange Ex-Services' Club, which owns the site.

We asked our photographic department to take an arty shot of Orange Indoor Tennis Centre. This is the best they could do. Copyright: Orange News Examiner.

“However, following detailed inspections by council and Ex-Services’ staff it was realised that a significant switchboard upgrade would be required to reinstate the building to safe use. Accordingly, this option has had to be rejected.

“Several other options were subsequently investigated including the Orange Indoor Tennis Centre, the Redmond Place Hangar, the Carl Sharpe Cricket Centre (Wade Park), the Orange Function Centre and the Orange PCYC ... In addition, local real estate agents were contacted for usable space.

“Following a detailed review of all potential sites, the Orange Indoor Tennis Centre and Carl Sharpe Cricket Centre have been identified as the most suitable options to accommodate the temporary indoor play centre.”

The cricket centre is named as a fallback should the Tennis Centre option fail.


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