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UPDATED: Dangling branch removed

The tree before and after being pruned. Main photo: Copyright: Orange News Examiner. Inset: Supplied.


The hazardous tree branch hanging low over a footpath on Woodward Street has been removed.

The Orange News Examiner reported on Monday about community concern over a particularly bulbous part of the branch.

By Wednesday the branch in question had been removed and the tree tidied up so as to provide clear vision.

Dozens of people responded to our story [below].

Some said the branch was potentially dangerous and should be removed, while others maintained the branch should stay and that people walking or running along the footpath over which it dangled should duck or manouevre around it.

The branch, with the tip of its knobbly protuberance painted red, above the footpath on Woodward Street. Copyright: Orange News Examiner.

By Peter Holmes

As tree branches dangling over footpaths go, this one is straight from the top shelf.

Or maybe that should be the bottom shelf.

The Orange News Examiner's model standing next to the branch in question. Copyright: Orange News Examiner.

People running or walking along Woodward Street are at risk of bopping themselves in the head thanks to a branch that has positioned itself above the footpath at a height of about five and a half feet (167cm).

In an era where people are known to walk with their faces looking down at a mobile phone, texting and swiping, this becomes even more concerning.

It's quite an impressive branch, but its positioning is all wrong. Copyright: Orange News Examiner.

The chunky knob of branch, on a tree near the corner of Woodward Street and Racecourse Road, was reported to The Orange News Examiner by a civic-minded reader who said they had advised council of the potentially dangerous dangling branch.

A part of the knobbly branch had been painted red.

It was unknown if this served as a warning to walkers, or as a very basic piece of modern art.

Do you know of more dangling branches around Orange? Have you nearly clocked yourself walking along Woodward Street? Let us know by commenting on our Facebook page or by emailing


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