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Tired of food and parcels being delivered to the wrong Orange address? Try living on this street...

November 13, 2022

By David Fitzsimons

Are you fed up with food deliveries not turning up when you’ve ordered online? Frustrated when your post and parcels are sent to someone else's house? Sick of gas/electricity suppliers not recognising your address?

Well, try living in Lily Place in north Orange.

Residents have called for an end to a nightmare caused by the fact their street is constantly being confused with Lily Pilly Place, about 1.5 kilometres away.

One resident has told Orange City Council Google maps doesn't even recognise Lily Place.

[The Orange News Examiner tested this and found it to be true as it comes up as the other street.]

“We can no longer use online grocery delivery, food delivery services as they always end up at Lily Pilly Place even with us saying to go to Lily Place (off Kearney's Drive),” they said.

“Our packages are being delivered over there and we have had to go retrieve them on our own personal time hoping they are still there.

“The latest issue was with our gas connection - it was nearly cut off as the people at Lily Pilly Place were getting it disconnected but this time it came up as Lily Place.”

A Lily Pilly Place resident said it was a “totally unnecessary hassle” living in that street.

“We settled [in] April 2019 and the number of issues arising from numerous service and or delivery providers is still causing an undue stress,” they said.

“Today I was fortunate that the tenant at Lily Place arranged to have my parcel incorrectly delivered to me. Parcel correctly addressed. Issue also being raised with Australia Post.”

Council is now proposing to change the name of Lily Place to Viola Place and the matter will be considered at its next meeting on Tuesday night.

“Council has written to the 10 residents of Lily Place suggesting that Lily Place be renamed to Viola Place as to avoid the confusion,” a staff report says.

“Viola Place was suggested because Viola hederacea is a native ground cover found on Mount Canobolas and the surrounding local roads share botanical names.”

It says while it would only cost council $250 to change the street sign, every resident would have to go through the process of advising gas/electricity suppliers and other authorities of their address change.

Some residents have questioned why Lily Place should have its name changed rather than Lily Pilly Place.

The council has responded by saying: “There is no discriminatory reason, Lily Place has one more allotment than Lily Pilly Place. Lily Place was named before Lily Pilly Place.”

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