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"They tear it up pretty badly": Whitton warns on Orange roads being used as a racetrack

July 5, 2022

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By David Fitzsimons

Reckless drivers have turned part of Orange into a dangerous "racetrack" leading to a serious accident and damage to properties, an Orange councillor has claimed.

Councillor Jeff Whitton said people in the area near Gosling Creek Reservoir were concerned about the ongoing situation, and he has called for action.

“I’ve had a number of complaints about vehicles on Bargwanna Road. [It’s] a bit of a racetrack,” he told Tuesday night’s council meeting.

“They come off Bloomfield Road, they go through Bargwanna Road down to (Buttle Road) and they come back out on Forest Road and they go around and around and around.

The circuit.

“They hit some high speeds in that lane. They tear it up pretty badly. A farm fence was destroyed on that road.”

Whitton said a serious accident occurred on the road earlier this year involving a motorcyclist.

“I don’t know what can be done there, whether they put speed humps in.”

The issue was referred to council’s road safety committee.

In other council news a development application to allow renovations totalling $900,000 to a house in Kite Street, adjoining the historic Mena property, was approved.

Neighbours’ concerns about the impact of the development led councillors to defer the matter at a previous meeting for a site inspection.

Following that inspection they approved the DA on Tuesday night.

The work at 52 Kite Street involves demolishing part of the rear of the building to construct new living, master bedroom, laundry and study areas.

A new outdoor terrace, entry courtyard, a garage, pool and pavilion are also proposed.

A bay tree will be removed as part of the work.

Council also passed a $3.3 million development in north Orange for a Planet Fitness gym.

However, it deferred a $2,000 funding request for a program to provide volunteer university students to help mentor pupils at Glenroi Heights Public School as it was not clear how the money would be spent.


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