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The Mitchell Highway no longer runs through the heart of Orange

March 20, 2023

The Mitchell Highway's route no longer heads left at the fork with the NDR, but right. Google Maps.

By Peter Holmes

The Mitchell Highway will no longer continue through the CBD of Orange following changes to who is responsible for certain roads in the city.

The NSW government has taken control of the Northern Distributor Road after a reclassification, relieving Orange City Council of the responsibility.

"Northern Distributor Road will retain its name but will also be the route of the Mitchell Highway," said council.

"While Summer Street is no longer the route of the Mitchell Highway, [Transport for NSW] continue to be responsible for maintaining Summer Street and Bathurst Road."

The state is now responsible for the central travel lanes, medians, roundabouts, line marking, signage and traffic signals on the Northern Distributor Road.

Under the new agreement the council will continue to be responsible for the management of road verges on the bypass.

Orange mayor Jason Hamling said in a statement that he was "very pleased" with the outcome.

“For the people of Orange this puts our primary heavy vehicle transport corridor in the hands of a tier of government with the much greater resources needed for ongoing upkeep,” he said.

"The transfer is a step that both this and past councils have pushed for over many years.”

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