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School issues warning after students try to make themselves faint

School students. Stock image.

By Peter Holmes

A high school has sent a warning letter to parents after students were found during recess and lunch breaks trying to make themselves faint.

The Central West school sent a letter to parents on Thursday advising them of the school's concerns.

The variation on the trend - which pre-dates social media but occasionally finds a new audience - is known as the Tik Tok Pass Out Challenge.

People are filmed trying to make themselves pass out by rapidly shaking their head from side, and then the resultant video is posted on social video site Tik Tok.

"It has come to our attention that some Year 8 students are participating in a new trend ... in the playground during recess and lunch. [We] will talk to Year 8 about the dangers of these challenges," said a note to parents.

The school also asked parents to talk to their children about the serious risks involved.

The Pass Out Challenge is said to be a milder version of a previous Tik Tok trend, the Blackout Challenge, in which people tried to asphyxiate themselves on video for the amusement of strangers.

Two 10-year-old girls, one each in the US and Italy, reportedly died in 2021 after attempting the Blackout Challenge.


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