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Review: Pho Orange

308 Summer St, Orange. Phone: 0415 191 789.

By The Plate

Reviewed: November 12 and November 27, 2021.

Many come for the steaming bowls of comforting, eponymous pho and laksa. Or the lunchtime Vietnamese chicken, pork and salad rolls.

Everything laid out for lunch rolls. Sugar cane juice is also available. Photo: Supplied.

Me, I return for the salt and pepper king prawns.

Pho Orange is a very low key Vietnamese restaurant on the Summer Street main strip, down near the Hotel Orange.

Lots of warm, comforting bowls of goodness at Pho Orange. Photo: Supplied.

It's the kind of place where you order and pay for your prawns, and five seconds later the chest freezer behind the front desk is opened and a bag of frozen prawns whisked into the kitchen.

The kind of place where the owners shuffle about the tight space in socks and thongs.

The salt and pepper king prawns. Copyright: Orange News Examiner.

Another five or so minutes and a plastic plate is presented. For $16.50 (on the first visit, $18 on the second) you get six battered king prawns - crunchy and a little rubbery in the style preferred by many Asian restaurants - mixed with stir-fried onions, capsicum, crispy fried onions, shallots and a moreish salt and Schezuan pepper spice mix.

Steamed rice is included.

Minimum $20 spend on card.

The Orange News Examiner does not accept free meals and reviews anonymously.


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