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Review: McDonald's North Orange

Corner Farrell and Northern Distributor roads, Orange. Phone: 6360 1281.

Reviewed December 1, 2021.

By The Plate

Limp chip from McDonald's. Copyright: Orange News Examiner.


I have a beef with McDonald's North Orange.

About a year ago I wrote to Maccas HQ to complain about the quality of fries at McDonald's North Orange.

In the fast food world there is little so pleasant as a fresh, piping hot McDonald's fry - it stands to attention and has a crunch. You know when your fries are fresh because you enjoy eating them, and each fry is a moment worth savouring.

However, there is little so unpleasant as a fry that is past its best. Limp, soggy and oily, it flops and bends and has no business being anywhere near the customer's mouth.

In the Orange takeaway world you can go to a stack of places that will cook your chips or fries to order, including Stan's, Village Bakehouse, Mackie's, Mad Hatter and Choox.

Against these, the limp chip doesn't stand a chance.

Over repeated visits to North Orange McDonald's, the fries were usually not very good. Upon receiving my complaint, I was called by a man in management who thanked me for my email, and offered me a free Big Mac meal (I never got around to collecting it.)


The man said he knew what the issue was with the fries, and that it would be resolved.

Well, here we are a year on and the fries are still way below where they need to be. Sometimes they are good, but rarely.

There is simply no excuse - fast food or not - for letting chips sit for too long before selling them.

I find the staff at McDonald's North Orange friendly and helpful; the orders are correct; and the hamburgers are fresh.

The fries, though, continue to let the side down.

* The Orange News Examiner does not accept free meals and reviews anonymously.


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