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Review: Everdell

By Nic Drage


Players: 1-4

Play Time: 40-80 minutes

Complexity: 2.8/5

Age: 13+

RRP: $130

Everdell. Supplied.

Everdell is a competitive, medium-weight, worker placement and resource gathering and tableau building game from Starling games.

It was designed by James A. Wilson and features art by Andrew Bosley and Dann May.

In Everdell, you are tasked with building a city in the valley of Everdell.

Everdell components.

You achieve this by placing workers to gather resources from the board to build structures and recruit critters from your hand of cards.

Everdell features a simple idea with a deep strategy element and with the vast number of cards to play, it will keep you coming back, as each time you play you may need to find a unique way to accumulate your victory points.

This is a game that rewards players for planning their strategy.

However, the ability to adapt is required to maximize your scoring.

Everdell has several expansions available to add onto your experience.

Everdell is available in store at Games n More, 247 Lords Place, Orange; or online at

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