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Rapid antigen tests available via Orange radio station

By Peter Holmes

A screenshot of the site selling the rapid antigen tests.

A radio station in Orange has cut a deal with a business selling rapid antigen tests.

The city's community radio station, FM 107.5, will receive income towards its annual fundraising with each RAT sold.

"Rapid Antigen Tests available RIGHT NOW!" says a post on the station's Facebook page, which contains a link to the wholesale site selling All Test brand of RATs.

"Rapid Antigen Tests are currently available through the client of a station media partner, Business Plaza, and they’ve contacted us to let you know ... There are very limited supplies, so if you want them, you need to be quick."

The website is selling the rapid antigen tests in smaller lots and in bulk.

Volunteers from the local community radio station FM 107.5 interview City of Orange Brass Band leader Phil Rees, following the group's performance at Cook Park on January 26, 2022. Copyright: Orange News Examiner.

A pack of five is $105 ($21 each).

A pack of 20 is $360 ($18 each).

A pack of 1,000 is $14,420 ($14.42 each).

The federal government is supplying free RATs to concession card holders, however the tests have been in short supply around the city in recent weeks.

Despite the challenges of lockdown, FM 107.5 has continued broadcasting through much of the pandemic.

The station plays a wide variety of music and is staffed by volunteers.

Disclaimer: The reporter has been a member of the local community radio station FM 107.5 for about five years.


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