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Push for extra rubbish removal at Christmas, but it comes at a price

June 7, 2022

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By Peter Holmes

Councillor Glenn Floyd is pushing for extra recycling collection services during Christmas and New Year.

However council staff have warned in response that increased service would result in increased rates.

"Christmas/New Year is one of the main times of the year demand for rubbish removal and recycling services outstrips service availability," said Floyd in background to his notice of motion ahead of tonight's Orange City Council meeting.

"A weekly recyclable rubbish removal service will greatly reduce waste spilling into streets from overfilled bins, as happens on a regular basis around this time.

"This will lead to a tidier city through a greater awareness of responsible recycling and general rubbish removal."

The motion is that "Council resolves to: 1/ Facilitate with its business partner increased recycling services during the annual Christmas and New Year’s festive season ... 2/ Increase the frequency of recyclable material collection from fortnightly to weekly during this period ...

3/ Receive a report with a revised delivery schedule over this period and associated costing."

The "staff comment" section of the meeting agenda said in response: "Level of service is a matter for Council to determine.

"Waste services are a full cost recovery operation not affected by rate pegging. Therefore, as the level of service is increased the fees and charges are adjusted up to cover the increased costs.

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"Some residents travel away for the festive season and would not benefit from the increased service."

The staff report suggested "an alternative is to provide additional promotion of the free drop off for all recycling products, year round at the Ophir Road Resource Recovery Centre for residents.

"That is where much greater volumes of cardboard and wrapping paper can be dropped off free of charge than can fit into a 240-litre regular bin service."

Staff said any increase in rubbish removal would have "a cost implication and now is the time to determine this so that the proposed 2022/23 fees and charges can be amended to incorporate the additional cost".

Would you be happy to pay slightly higher rates for an extra recycle rubbish removal over Christmas/New Year? You can comment on our Facebook page.


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