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Power restored in Orange after gum tree splits in half and takes down power lines

December 17, 2022

The split in the tree. Copyright: Orange News Examiner on-the-spot photo.

By Peter Holmes

Late on Saturday afternoon a large gum tree on Clergate Road split in half, with one half remaining upright and the other taking down power lines and causing a major blackout in the city.

Fire trucks on the scene. Copyright: Orange News Examiner on-the-spot photo.

According to Essential Energy more than 1,650 households were impacted. The outage covered an area north from the Showgrounds to the NDR, and west to near Burrendong Way.

Numerous fire crew were in attendance, with police, council and Essential Energy also on the scene.

Nearby residents, who gathered for a sticky beak on the pathway alongside Clergate Road, or watched the scene unfold from over their back fences, reported a loud thudding sound on Saturday afternoon.

Locals said that before the split the tree on the right looked similar to the tree on the left. Copyright: Orange News Examiner on-the-spot photo.

Now they were wondering what to do for dinner. Takeaway seemed to be the most reasonable option.

Nobody dared mention the Christmas ham.

One witness told The Orange News Examiner that a small bush fire ensued, likely caused by sparks generated when the power lines touched.

Crews on the scene, with fallen power lines to their left. Copyright: Orange News Examiner on-the-spot photo.

The split on the tree appeared as clean as if it had been sliced through with a chainsaw.

The half of the tree that came down is believed to have landed across fallen power lines.

The tree could not be removed until permission was sought and granted to isolate the power.

Fallen power lines. Copyright: Orange News Examiner on-the-spot photo.

From a distance this appeared to be achieved by a worker holding a long yellow pole up to the top of a telegraph pole.

Power was restored on the upswing of 9pm.

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Peter Holmes



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