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Power failure behind Orange's funky water

By Peter Holmes

Water's been a bit rural. Stock image.

A power failure is being blamed for the stinky stream coming from your taps over the last few days.

The Orange News Examiner was about to patch a call through to Orange City Council about the rather rural smelling aqua emerging from its taps, when council kindly posted on social to explain the whiffy water.

"You may have noticed your tap water smelling a bit strange over the past few days," said the statement.

"That’s because the heavy rain we experienced in December has caused a small blue-green algal bloom in Suma Park Dam, which feeds on the organic matter stirred up by the massive amount of water flowing into the dam."

Council said its water treatment plant staff "routinely use ozone equipment to remove the odour caused by the algae, but due to a power failure in this equipment, the water wasn’t able to be ozone-treated to the usual amount, so some odour remained".

Power supplies are now back to normal and the ozone equipment is removing the odour as usual, council said.

"It’s important to remember that other equipment which purifies the water and brings it up to normal drinking water standards continued to operate normally," said the statement.

"The water coming out of your tap has been treated to normal standards and the smell should disappear in the next couple of days."


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