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Police say two-week "crime wave" in Orange allegedly down to "one young person"

A car in Orange in January. This is not related to the allegations contained in this story, but this incident will be added to the January 2023 tally. Copyright: Orange News Examiner.

February 6, 2023

By David Fitzsimons

Orange was hit by a two-week “crime wave” including home break-ins and stolen cars being burnt-out after one young person was released from custody, a senior police officer has said.

He said the subsequent arrest of that person was likely the reason behind crime rates immediately dropping in November.

Chief inspector Peter Atkins told Orange City Council’s Community Safety and Crime Prevention committee there were six burnt-out vehicles and 31 home break-ins in Orange last October.

Mr Atkins’ report, presented to the committee on November 28, 2022, is included in the official papers for Tuesday night’s first council meeting for 2023.

“October 2022 coincided with the release of one young person from custody, which resulted in a crime wave which lasted for two weeks,” the report stated. “The young person has gone back into custody, and crime figures are expected to decrease as a result.”

In November 2022 there was one burnt-out vehicle and 12 home break-ins.

“A key young person was arrested and charged and bail refused. They were released for two weeks but are now back in custody,” the report said. “This is due to the excellent [police] work arresting key offenders.”

The report does not state how many offences were attributed to the young person or the nature of the charge or charges.

Mr Atkins also told the committee “very young children” were part of a core group of offenders.

“The police are able to identify young offenders and are aware of a core group who are stealing and burning out cars,” the report said.

“Very young children being led by older young people are part of the group, and they have been fortunate not to have had an accident.”

There have been a number of burnt-out vehicles and break-ins in December and January, but official figures haven't been released.

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