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Orange servo under the pump as system crashes; customers asked to fill out "Fail to Pay" form

March 10, 2023

Stock image.

By Peter Holmes

Technology is great. Until it isn't.

Staff at the EG Ampol petrol station on the corner of Summer and William streets were forced to ask customers to fill out a "Drive off / Fail to pay" form on Friday morning after the computer system crashed.

Frazzled staff repeatedly tried to reboot the system, but it was not playing ball.

The Orange News Examiner was waiting to pay for petrol at about 11am when the tech glitch occurred.

After numerous attempts on separate registers to crank the system back up, apologetic staff pulled out a folder containing forms for people who have driven off without paying or were unable to pay.

The form asks for details including name, address, phone, car make and registration, amount of petrol, type of petrol and price.

It is believed the fault occurred after electrical checks had been carried out at the site.

As vehicles pulled into the station to buy petrol, and the queue inside the shop grew, staff were considering shutting down the whole system.

They probably don't get paid enough for this.


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