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Orange restaurant Elwood's is leaving Lords Place

March 27, 2023

A sampler plate at Elwood's. Copyright: Orange News Examiner.

By Peter Holmes

Elwood’s Eatery - the home of low and slow BBQ in Orange - is relocating from Lords Place.

Elwood's (review here) has taken a lease on the ground floor of the Great Western Hotel opposite Orange train station.

A Facebook post from November 2022.

The circa 1879 pub, which has dozens of accommodation rooms upstairs, was once a drinking hole for travellers and blue collar workers.

It was listed for sale last year by Gary Blowes with a price guide of more than $5.5 million. The owners, who had not held it for long, had transferred the poker machine licences elsewhere.

Since being sold in September 2022 it has been undergoing a makeover.

Elwood's and the dining pod it won't be using. Copyright: Orange News Examiner.

The new owners are focusing on modernising the accommodation options, while keeping rooms within the budget bracket. A double room on Monday night (March 27, 2023) was advertised for $88 on

All rooms in the hotel have a flat-screen TV and air conditioning. There are no private bathrooms.

Shared bathrooms at the Great Western. Supplied.

A room at the Great Western Hotel. Supplied.

As with many if not all businesses on Lords Place south, Elwood’s has faced numerous hurdles since October, when Orange City Council started work on a controversial $1.4 million redevelopment of the street.

It included removing trees and replanting new ones, removing about a third of the parking spots, and adding “dining pods” along the road.

Multiple businesses have told The Orange News Examiner they have lost trade since works started more than five months ago.

New trees on Lords Place. Copyright: Orange News Examiner.

Shoppers have been unable to find anywhere to park. In recent weeks the scene has reached a crescendo, with as few as 20 parking spaces, when before there were nearly 70.

The Great Western Hotel. Google.

Council has not offered any compensation, but did a radio giveaway of $20 vouchers that could be used at Lords Place businesses. One business said they had cashed $100 worth of vouchers.

The Orange News Examiner has sought comment from Elwood’s.

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