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Orange Council pulls back the curtain on new Lords Place furniture

July 1, 2023

By Peter Holmes

Orange City Council has started installing furniture on the new dining pods on Lords Place south as part of the $1.4 million makeover.

Council will furnish pods unused by cafes and restaurants on the strip.

So far only two businesses - cafes Crema and Good Eddy - are utilising the pods with their own furniture. The other six sat empty until Friday (July 30, 2023), when the wood and iron benches were bolted onto the pod.

New furniture outside Nimrod's cafe. Copyright: Orange News Examiner.

The new furniture is outside Nimrod's Cafe. Owner Nimrod has told The Orange News Examiner that he doesn't want exclusive use of the pod, as he would have to cover insurance and buy his own furniture and heaters.

On Saturday morning one local wag told us they were looking forward to juggling a bowl of soup and a coffee at the new installation.

The Orange News Examiner reported on Friday about a motion to be put at next Tuesday's Orange City Council meeting relating to the giant planter pots.

Councillor Melanie McDonell will move the following motion: "That council undertake a design challenge inviting all local primary schools to create a design for the large plant pots along Lords Place South. That the remaining unallocated pots be offered to local Indigenous artists and emerging artists to have their artwork showcased."

New furniture. Copyright: Orange News Examiner.

On Wednesday we reported that Orange City Council was looking at reversing the new 15 and 30-minute parking limits. It said it would consult business.

Salvo Sciuto from Alfio's Pizzeria commented on our story on Facebook: "Seeking feedback ... Wow hold my beer here we go.

"My family owned and operated family business has been in Lords Place for nearly half a century and I can honestly say that the OCC has missed the mark here. Zero correspondence, a total lack of communication and support for all businesses in the street and not to mention the mess and eyesore that has now become of our once beautiful streetscape.

"OCC are nowhere to be seen and we are hurting!! Future city ... what a joke. Safety concerns, congestion, and absolutely no foresight to a town that thrives on close proximity parking. This could have been done so much better with 'future in mind'."

State MP Phil Donato also commented: "Wouldn’t you think [consultation] should have occurred in the first place? 15 mins parking time is ridiculous."

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