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Ophir Road to remain closed pending assessment; Mick's furry friend found safe

November 15, 2022

Ophir Road. Orange City Council.

By Peter Holmes

Orange City Council has advised that as of 3:45pm Tuesday roads remaining closed in the Orange LGA are:

* Ophir Road second crossing * Bulgas Road * Hiney Road * Bargwanna Road

"Ophir Road has received significant damage and is expected to remain closed at least until a full assessment is carried out," council said.

"Many other roads have damage due to the weather and anyone driving on the roads should drive carefully and never attempt to drive through floodwaters."

Cudal. Andrew Gee/Facebook.

Earlier today federal MP Andrew Gee posted images and a story from Cudal.

"This is Mick’s place at Cudal. The force of the water in the area was terrifying.

"Residents and businesses are going to need the full range of help and assistance.

Little things can lift spirits at a time like this.

Mick's place at Cudal. Andrew Gee/Facebook.
"Mick’s ferret, Doughboy made a miraculous appearance from the debris yesterday. And while I was there, Mr Cat, who’d wisely taken shelter on the roof, made himself known.

"The Cudal community has been brilliant. Cudal Bowling Club was immediately opened as the (un)official evacuation centre.

Cudal looking like a swampy jungle. Andrew Gee/Facebook.

Doughboy made it through. Andrew Gee/Facebook.

"Dozens worked through the day to get carpet and belongings out of the 12 flood-hit homes and also local businesses.

"Cudal Bowling Club is open today as an evacuation centre."

State MP Phil Donato acknowledged the toll flooding had taken on Central West communities in recent weeks: "We'll get through this, I know it's difficult, I know it's hard, I know it's been wearing on a lot of communities - this ongoing flood situation we've seen for many weeks."

Donato, who was in parliament, said he was in contact with premier Dominic Perrottet to ensure funding and services were available to those in need.


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