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On Wednesday afternoon Orange drivers were paying 27 cents per litre more than those in Bathurst

July 27, 2022

By Peter Holmes

At about 2:45pm on Wednesday, the difference between the cheapest premium 98 fuel in Orange and Bathurst was a whopping 27 cents a litre.

On a 60-litre tank, those filling up on premium 98 at the lowest price outlet in Bathurst (Metro Kelso, $1.92 per litre) would save $16.20 compared to the lowest price in Orange (United Petroleum on Woodward Street, $2.19 per litre).

The stark price difference was evident in almost all categories of fuel.

The cheapest E10 in Orange was $1.96 per litre at the United Petroleum on Peisley Street.

The Cheapest E10 in Bathurst was $1.70 per litre at Metro South.

This 26-cent price gap represented an increase of half a cent per litre for each of the 52km between Orange and Bathurst.

The gap in the best value unleaded 91 was also 26 cents per litre. In Orange this was $1.98 per litre at United on Woodward Street. In Bathurst the keenest price was $1.72 per litre at Metro South.

Premium 95 was being sold $1.87 per litre at Metro South in Bathurst, while in Orange the cheapest available was $2.11 per litre at Metro Lucknow.

Metro Lucknow also had the lowest priced diesel ($2.26 per litre), but it was way cheaper in Bathurst at $2.05 per litre (Metro South).

The best priced premium diesel in Orange was $2.23 per litre at the Ampol on Elsham Avenue. In Bathurst it was $2.05 at Metro South.

LPG in Orange was slightly cheaper in Orange (United on Woodward Street, $1.19 per litre) than Bathurst ($1.20 per litre, Caltex Woolworths).

"Like any other business, fuel wholesalers and retailers have different costs they need to recover through their prices," the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission stated. These can include wharfage, freight, insurance, transport, storage, salaries, rent, power and other utilities.

"On top of this, wholesalers and retailers need to make a profit in order to make their businesses viable.

"This margin is ultimately determined by the level of competition in the marketplace."

* Prices can change at any time. Source: Fuel Check.


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