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New $638,000 entrance on the cards for Orange school

By David Fitzsimons

Design for how the school entrance will look, including new illuminated signage, as contained in the DA on exhibition at Orange City Council.

Students, staff and visitors to the Orange Christian School are set to gain a new-look entrance to the Cecil Road site under plans before Orange City Council.

Plans to change the entrance, including extra parking spaces, access changes and illuminated

signage, are currently on exhibition for public comment before the council decides on the

development application.

The works, listed to cost $638,000, involve changes to the bus bay exit, developing a one-way car park entrance and providing new fencing.

The DA states an extra five car spaces and two motorbike spaces would be provided.

It says the proposal would not be likely to increase the number of students, staff or vehicles at the school site.

Illuminated signage is proposed.

“The changes to traffic flow from counter clockwise to clockwise result in an improved ease-of-use and safety outcome for school and passing traffic by allowing the former to turn left into the school (the vast majority of school traffic arrives from the north) at the northern-most driveway and exit the school from the southern-most driveway without interaction,” the DA says.

Classes began at the southern Orange site in 1989.

The DA is on exhibition until Tuesday January 25.


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