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Need more bin space? This is a quick fix from Orange City Council

By Peter Holmes

More bins are available. Copyright: Orange News Examiner.

If you often find yourself running short on bin space, a quick fix is at hand.

In Orange red and green bins are collected every week.

The yellow bin is collected on alternate weeks, Week A or Week B.

You can download the council waste guide here to find out your collection days.

As part of the normal waste collection, paid for by a property owner’s annual rates, Orange City Council will supply:

* One red-topped bin for normal waste. That waste will be collected once a week;

* One green-topped bin for kitchen and garden waste. That waste will be collected once a week;

* One yellow-topped bin for recyclable waste. That waste will be collected once a fortnight.

According to council, "because of extra seasonal waste or other circumstances, some residents may wish to have an additional bin".

There are currently two options, both with a cost.

Here is what's available:

1. Red or Yellow-topped bins

Owners of properties can arrange for an extra Red or Yellow-topped bin together with the weekly or fortnightly service.

The extra weekly waste collection including the red-topped bin costs $251.40* (added to the annual rates charge).

The extra fortnightly recycling collection including a yellow-topped bin is $98.30*.

To arrange for a new bin, contact the council with your name and address details and a new bin will be delivered. Delivery will take about one week.

2. Green Waste bin

A green-topped organics waste bin can bought for $96.20*.

To arrange the collection of an extra green waste bin, residents can buy tickets from the council at the Civic Centre for $2 each*.

A ticket should be attached to the top of the bin, where it’s clearly visible to the waste collection service driver.

The bin should be placed in the street on the normal waste collection day alongside other bins.

There are no online forms, and you must contact Orange City Council to organise.

* 2020/21 pricing.


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