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More parking for Orange CBD, but Kevin Duffy says councillors have "rocks in our heads"

April 4, 2023

Orange City Council.

By David Fitzsimons

Changing parking angles and painting lines would create an extra 43 car spaces in the Orange CBD.

In the wake of the controversial loss of parking spaces in the Lords Place South redevelopment into a more pedestrian-friendly area, extra parking will be provided on neighbouring streets.

Orange City Council on Tuesday night was told changing the angle of car parking spaces from 45 degrees to 60 degrees would create the additional spaces.

It agreed to change car park angles in parts of Anson Street, Lords Place, Kite Street, and Moulder Street. Rear to kerb parking will be retained.

The work will cost $15,000, to be spent on new signs to show motorists where to park.

The meeting was told by staff line-marking was due to occur this week in Lords Place South while other areas would be done when crews were available.

Councillor Kevin Duffy opposed the plan and questioned how it would be policed.

“I think we’ve got rocks in our heads if we go down this pathway,” he said. “It will be an election issue in 12 months.”

However councillor Tony Mileto said the change had the backing of Orange police and the City of Orange Traffic committee.

He said line-marking would ensure motorists knew where to park.

“When it wasn’t line-marked vehicles would park at 30 degrees or whatever and that would put everything else out of sync,” he said. “It will be set out for them and make it easier for them,” he said.

Councillor Frances Kinghorne questioned whether having parking at different angles in the city could create confusion for motorists.

“There are a lot of geometrically-challenged parkers in Orange,” she said.

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