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March in support of the Yes vote is on Sunday

September 12, 2023

By Peter Holmes

A walk to support the Yes vote in the forthcoming referendum will start at 11:30am Sunday, making its way from Cook Park to Robertson Park for a BBQ and community conversation.

Australians will vote on October 14, 2023 on whether to change the Australian Constitution by acknowledging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and enshrining a body that would have the right to make representations to parliament on issues that impact their lives.

Orange City Council is backing the Yes vote and is assisting the Orange for Yes group in promoting its endeavours.

The Walk for Yes in Orange will be replicated around the country.

The route is along the northern side of Summer Street. The BBQ is from 12-1pm.

Orange for Yes campaign captain Jason Vials said more than 130 people had signed up to help with the campaign in Orange.

“Since the date was announced I’ve seen a growing groundswell of community support for the Yes vote,” Jason Vials said.

“People are feeling strongly that this is a practical change that Australia must make for the good of our community, and joining in with this national event is a great way for Orange residents to make a public show of support.”

Orange for Yes has opened an office in one of the Orange City Council pods in McNamara Street. The office will be staffed Monday to Friday from 10am to 2pm.

“Like any campaign it will be great to have a base where volunteers can drop by to get new resources and for anyone interested to come by and ask their questions,” Mr Vials said.

“There are many undecided voters who are still to make up their minds, and we want to be making contact and offering information whenever we can.

"There was a good response too from shoppers at the Orange for Yes stall at last weekend’s Farmers’ Markets. People are genuinely interested to find out more.”

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