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Makeover flagged for Orange butcher, cafe and takeaway

May 24, 2022

An artist's impression of the new look. Supplied.

By David Fitzsimons

A facelift and an extra business are planned for a popular shopping area in Orange.

Plans before Orange City Council reveal the Woodward Street site, currently including the Academy Coffee, Jimmy’s takeaway food and drink and the Woodward Street Quality Meats shops, would have a bright new look.

The changes, contained in a development application on public exhibition at the council, include converting a house between the shops into a new office/business plus major changes to houses around the buildings.

The DA states the butcher shop would benefit from more space under the plan.

Plans for the changes on Woodward Street. Supplied.

“The new cool-room will replace the existing transportable cool-rooms that have been on site for a number of years,” it says.

“The new space will provide a more efficient floor area and better integration between the cool-room and the existing light commercial vehicle loading area at the rear of the butcher shop.”

And it says the changes would improve the look of the site.

“The existing dwelling within the site currently presents to the street, but its presentation is less than desirable,” it states.

The site as it currently looks. Google.

“And given the parking arrangement (being located at the rear of the site), the front door is seldom used by the residents and results in an inactive and closed off element within the street.

“And whilst it is acknowledged that this application will remove the dwelling’s street presentation, what is proposed in its place will present as a far more beneficial outcome within the street.”

It does not name any business likely to occupy the new building.

The DA, submitted to the council for the applicant John Cantrill, is on public exhibition until Friday June 3.


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