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Low-rise units? Smaller blocks? Cheaper housing? You can help shape Orange's future

We got a bit carried away with the low-rise. Digitally altered image.

By Peter Holmes

Does Orange need more low-rise apartment blocks near the CBD? Or scattered throughout the city? How about a few medium or high-rise?

What about block sizes - is it wrong to have smaller blocks in a part of the world where there is so much land?

Maybe you think we need larger blocks, but out of town, so as to make them affordable to average working people?

How about more one-bedders for students and single people? Or less cookie-cutter housing styles?

The deadline for having your say about how Orange will grow and look into the future is next Monday February 21 at 5pm.

"The [new Housing Strategy] is designed to help guide the decisions that council and the private sector will make to deliver a greater diversity of housing," council states.

"The aim is to accommodate the existing and future population or Orange and address the demographic changes being felt in the area."

The Housing Strategy also guides the design and location of new housing into the future.

“This draft strategy will put some important directions in place for the next 20 years,” mayor Jason Hamling said.

More than 900 people have visited the council's YourSay online platform. The survey is being used to collect feedback.

"Water security and affordable housing have emerged as key issues in the first round of responses, as well as discussion about more diversity in housing types and the direction of outward growth of residential estates." council stated.

Regarding water security, Hamling said Orange "has a secure water yield of 7868ML a year, which is enough to service a population of 58,000 by the year 2060".

The current population of Orange is around 40,000.

The deadline for formal submissions on the draft Local Housing Strategy is 5pm Monday February 21, 2022. You can have your say here.


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