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LETTERS: Veteran Orange publisher Bob Holland has something to say about local media

Dear Editor,

I write as an experienced and passionate media person, and the former owner of Orange City Life magazine.

I believe that genuinely owned and operated local media is always considerably superior to the national or corporate alternatives; it also provides far greater value for both readers, listeners, and advertisers, and does a far superior job overall for the community it serves.

That is my professional and heartfelt judgement and anyone who takes the time to compare the various products in detail, will soon discover I am right.

On that note, I have been following your Orange News Examiner site for some time and I want to congratulate you on the progress you’ve made so far.

I have found the news stories you have covered to be well researched, well written, relevant and of genuine interest to me, and I’m sure others, who are interested in local issues.

I’m sure that as more readers discover the quality and value of what you provide, your audience will continue to grow and more businesses will come on board as advertisers, after all, an enthusiastic audience is what advertisers need to be sure that any media outlet they advertise with has.

Orange City Life, Community Radio FM 107.5 and your Orange News Examiner site all offer advertisers enthusiastic audiences and superior value for money.

Orange therefore has three credible and value friendly local options for local news and community information.

Orange City Life covers print, the Community Radio FM 107.5 covers radio across the region, and your Orange News Examiner provides what I’d call a serious online news service, not just trivial news or press releases which others camouflage as news, but real news and real issues.

All three are available at no cost to readers or listeners, and all rely on advertising or sponsorship to survive.

Orange needs genuine local media, and such outlets need and deserve strong local support.

Let me encourage all local business owners and advertisers to at least consider these three for any future advertising. The more you support them, the better they will be able to serve you, and our community.

Bob Holland

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