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Late on Saturday four cars stopped in the middle of Summer Street. Women jumped out and punched on

July 9, 2023

Summer Street and the lights at Lords Place. Generic image. Copyright: Orange News Examiner.

By Peter Holmes

Traffic in the CBD was brought to a standstill late on Saturday night when four cars parked in the middle of Summer Street so passengers could get out and fight, according to one bystander.

The eyewitness said the cars were heading east and stopped at the traffic lights on the corner of Summer Street and Lords Place.

“I was out riding my bike, and I turned the corner and there were cars pulling up and they were getting stuck into it,” he said.

He said there were nine or 10 passengers in the four cars, and that four or five women were involved in the brawling.

“It was full-on screaming, yelling, throwing punches. Mainly two protagonists, but others were in the mix. I kept thinking that they’d move off, but they just stayed.”

He said the melee lasted a few minutes and that cars began to back up towards the lights further up Summer Street.

As they waited, none of those cars honked the drivers of the parked cars, he said. “They may have thought it was an accident.”

One woman screamed at another woman words to the effect: “If you f*cking touch me I’ll bash ya”.

A man ran across from the Canobolas Hotel in an attempt to intervene.

“They were just going at each other, and then they went back to their cars, and the cars moved forward a bit, then they got out again,” said the eyewitness.

He said the second round did not involve violence.

A man who was using the Commonwealth Bank ATM had filmed the fracas, he said.

He said the women appeared to be aged in their late teens and early 20s.

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