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Late-night restaurant open seven days has been pitched for Orange CBD

October 30, 2023

The Orange News Examiner overlaid a Google Street View with a plan from the DA.

By Peter Holmes

A cafe/restaurant on Lords Place would be open seven days a week until midnight, according to a development application (DA) submitted to Orange City Council.

The redevelopment of 211-213 Lords Place would see the installation of a commercial kitchen, wet bar and banquette-style seating with tables and chairs; removal of part of the existing inter-tenancy masonry wall, and; replacement of the existing aluminium shop front with a new shop front.

The application also includes footpath dining.

There would be no change to the first floor office premises.


"The development will generate employment opportunities for up 5 staff including the owners/operators," the DA states.

It says the cafe/restaurant would operate seven days a week from 12pm to midnight.

Per DA.

The site shares common boundaries with a two-storey commercial building to the south and small single storey commercial building to the north.

The rear boundary is shared with the large commercial parcel that comprises the Commonwealth Bank, "which effectively wraps around the rear of the subject site".

A small service corridor exists at the rear of the building between the subject building and the adjoining buildings.

Per DA.

The DA notes the redevelopment of Lords Place "to improve the urban amenity of the area through the provision of street furniture, painted pavement treatments and dining platforms within the footpath", however the redevelopment is about to be reversed.

At street level, the building is currently divided into two ground floor tenancies with separate access from each tenancy onto Lords Place.

A door providing access to the first floor via a timber staircase is located at the northern end of the building.

Demolition works would include the removal of the existing shopfronts to the ground floor tenancies (with the door leading to the first floor remaining unchanged); removal of a portion of the intertenancy wall to provide a 3m-wide opening and effectively consolidating the two existing tenancy into singular tenancy on the ground floor, and; minor demolition of auxiliary fixtures and fittings.

Per DA.

The DA states: "The following changes to the exterior of the building are proposed: Construction of a new aluminium framed shopfront with a single-entry door; Installation of timber wainscoting to 760mm in height."

External signage is not part of the DA as window decals would display the business name.

The DA says the "development will stimulate the economy during the construction/fit-out stage of the development through the engagement of local trades and materials provided by local suppliers where possible".

Pink strip in middle of image denotes wall to be removed. per DA.

"Restaurants are an important part of the social fabric of towns and cities, as [they] provide a meeting place for the community to socialise. The development will help strengthen Orange’s reputation as a food and wine destination.

The DA is on public exhibition from Monday, October 30, 2023 to Monday November 13, 2023.


A story about our city ...

During the day Orange's Bowen Community Technology Centre offers a free service to those who mightn't have a computer, printer or internet access. They might help with a resume, or to contact a government agency. In the afternoon dozens of primary school kids descend on the centre to get stuck into their homework.

They also may not have access to technology at home. Education is crucial in preparing the next generation to face the modern world. Orange City Council kindly donates the building. The woman behind this valuable community service is Paula Townsend. When there is enough money in the kitty, she is paid minimum wage. When there is not, she pays herself nothing.

But she always turns up. Even in school holidays, just to make sure the kids stay on the straight and narrow and have somewhere to go. The stress of running a community centre on occasional grants and donations - mostly for equipment , office supplies and insurances, not a minimum wage - is considerable.

Paula has been doing this for years. The bucket has a hole in it and there is never enough water to fill it up. She is no pushover - these computers are for work, not games - but when you spend time at the centre, you see the love the kids have for her, and she for them.

When adults have access to computers, documents and printers - something many of us take for granted - their worlds can open up. When kids can learn and get their homework done, their worlds open up too.

If you or your business are willing to help Paula Townsend, please click on the link above.

- Peter Holmes,

Editor, The Orange News Examiner



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