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KFC in Orange has run out of potato and gravy, as unfortunate run for Col. Sanders continues

August 11, 2022

Google Street View/Stock image/Supplied.

By Peter Holmes

As issues in Orange go, this one is somewhere near the bottom of the pile, however we feel duty bound to inform you that the city's only Kentucky Fried Chicken - on Bathurst Road's Golden Mile of Fast Food - has run out of potato and gravy.

Just to reiterate - Kentucky Fried Chicken has run out of potato and gravy.

And not only that, it has also run out of gravy. So not only can the residents of the city not order potato and gravy, they can't order just plain gravy.

It's been a tough time for Colonel Sanders, what with the national shortage of lettuce - one of the prime ingredients in its burgers. These days you're more likely to get a lettuce and cabbage blend.

A source told The Orange News Examiner that the KFC had been out of potato and gravy all day.

It is understood the fixings for potato and gravy were on the premises, but that no-one had had a chance to make the products. Staffing shortages are rife across Orange's fast food restaurants.

Staff were having to explain to customers that there was no potato and gravy.

Meanwhile, the KFC app for the Orange store showed that people couldn't order potato and gravy, and that it could be substituted in meals for extra chips or a bread roll.

KFC's potato and gravy is a polarising menu item. The gravy is generally popular. But the potato has been accused by critics of sharing flavour profiles with the powdered Deb potato flakes popular with 1970s campers.

KFC doesn't list the ingredients for mashed potato and gravy on its website. It states that it uses Australian potatoes for its chips, but no mention is made of the mashed potato other than to say it's "soft and fluffy".

The Orange News Examiner drove to Red Rooster a few doors down from KFC to check out its potato and gravy situation. It was under control.

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