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"It looks dirty and grubby": Another councillor joins the push to have Lords Place dismantled

September 16, 2023

By Peter Holmes

First-term councillor Glenn Floyd has flipped on the $1.58 million Lords Place south redevelopment and will vote at Tuesday night's Orange City Council meeting for it to be dismantled.

The Orange News Examiner reported exclusively on Friday (September 15, 2023) on a petition signed by 20 tenants on Lords Place calling for a review into the whole Lords Place redevelopment.

On Tuesday night councillor Jeff Whitton is expected to call for the controversial project to be undone. Whitton, along with councillors Frances Kinghorne and Kevin Duffy, were the only three to vote against the original Lords Place makeover in August 2022.

Councillors who voted in favour were: Steve Peterson, Jack Evans, Tony Mileto, Jason Hamling, Gerald Power, Melanie McDonell, David Mallard, Tammy Greenhalgh and Glenn Floyd.

Glenn Floyd on Lords Place on Saturday. Supplied.

Floyd contacted The Orange News Examiner as he was visiting businesses on Lords Place.

"It's still all fairly negative from the business owners I've spoken to," he said.

"My personal view is that it hasn't hit the mark. I did originally vote for this, but it was on the premise we got some traction on the Ophir Car Park, to give us some more parking. The (council) business papers said if it didn't work for whatever reason, it is reversible."

He said that "going off that ... I will support councillors Whitton and Duffy and ask for this to be reversed".

Floyd said that "I don't like the look of it, it's not what I thought it would be. I think it would take a long time for it to have the sort of feel and vibe that council wants, and in the meantime businesses are going broke and people are whingeing and complaining. I'm going to listen to the people".

"I'm standing here looking at this yellow, green, sky blue paint, it looks dirty and grubby - it's more unattractive now than it was before," he added.


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