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Is this Orange's unluckiest traffic light?

The traffic light after it was hit on Friday. Copyright: Orange News Examiner.

By Peter Holmes

It happened again on Friday.

It's happened before, and will no doubt happen again.

A vehicle turning into Peisley Street from Summer Street has misjudged and an innocent traffic light has paid the price.


Local business owners and workers know what an unpleasant intersection this can be, what with larger vehicles having to make tight turns off the main drag, and cars from both directions darting across traffic to turn right from Summer into Peisley.

They know the sound of braking followed by the sound of a vehicle knocking over a traffic light.

One local worker told The Orange News Examiner that the incident occurred late Friday morning.

Although they didn't see or hear the bingle, they said it was not the first time a traffic light had been knocked over.

They said they'd seen this type of accident "several times" over the years and that it usually involved a larger truck catching the light as it swung onto Peisley Street.

Staff at another business said all manner of bingles and near misses occurred at that intersection.


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