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Indoor playground for kids a step closer; $7,500 a week plus rent to operate

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By David Fitzsimons

An indoor playground in the heart of Orange could be up and running within weeks after a potential site was identified by city council staff.

A report to council’s next meeting on Tuesday night suggests the temporary centre could operate from May 1 to August 30.

It has identified the former Pee Wees Play Centre in Byng Street as the site.

Pee Wees closed in July 2019 and the building is owned by the Orange Ex-Services’ club.

An image from council papers of the type of equipment that might be used. Supplied.

The report says it would cost up to "several thousands of dollars a month" to hire play equipment for the project.

And it says it would cost about $7,500 a week to run the centre, excluding rent. Suggested equipment includes a large jumping castle and climbing equipment.

The report backs the plan, initially proposed by mayor Jason Hamling.

“Council has had discussions with Orange Ex-Services’ Club to secure short-term access to the former Pee Wees site which operated out of their premises at 99 Byng Street Orange,” the report says.


“This site requires approval from the board of the Orange Ex-Services’ club.”

An image from council papers of the type of equipment that might be used. Supplied.

It said there were items stored in the building that would need to be removed.

“The cost for the use of the site would also need to be finalised,” it says.

“Council staff have also identified that play equipment would be available for short term lease or available for purchase.”

The report also identifies other costs council would need to cover including staffing for seven days a week operations, cleaning, security and promotion and advertising.

Council would also need to determine operating hours and hire fees.

The report says council should seek expressions of interest into running the operation.


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