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Hoons are gunning it on Anson Street at up to 110km/h, and one resident has had enough

March 7, 2023

Council data shows cars driving at up to 110km/h after building up speed on this stretch of Anson Street. Copyright: Orange News Examiner.

By Peter Holmes

Drivers are hitting speeds of up to 110km/h on a section of Anson Street - 60km/h over the limit - according to data collected following a complaint from a resident.

The data also reveals that about half of all drivers are exceeding the 50km/h speed limit.

The majority of those are driving between 51km/h and 64km/h, but one in 20 is driving above 64km/h.

Orange City Council papers show that a complaint was received about speeding on Anson Street north of the CBD.

In response, council installed a “traffic classifier” on a section of Anson Street between Margaret and Ophir streets heading into town to “ascertain the amount and time of day of the speeding”.

The section comes immediately after a downhill run from Matthews Avenue, after which the road divides into two, separated by a sloping grassed area with trees and shrubs.

The council data. Yellow highlights made by council, red arrows show incorrect speed limit of 60km/h.

The data was collected from Tuesday January 10, 2023 to Wednesday January 25, 2023.

The top speed clocked during the collection period was 110km/h in the hour from 5am on one of the days.

A speed of 105km/h was taken in the hour from 10pm.

One driver was doing 101km/h on that stretch of road at 6am.

The lowest maximum speed gauged during the survey period was 74.1km/h in the hour after 8am.

Other maximums throughout the day in the collection period included 96.2km/h at 10pm, 94.5km/h at 4pm, 93.7km/h at 3pm and 90.1km/h at 7pm.

In 2017 data was collected over a two-week period on the next block north on Anson Street, between Margaret Street and Matthews Avenue.

The sign showing the speed limit is 50km/h. Copyright: Orange News Examiner.

It showed the maximum speed recorded was 107.6km/h in the hour from 11pm.

According to the council papers the “posted speed limit” on that part of Anson Street is 60km/h, however it is actually 50km/h.

This error means that parts of the data significantly underestimate the number of cars speeding.

For example, in the hour from 6am, the council data states that the median speed was 51.1km/h. This means that 50 percent of the cars were going at 51.1km/h or above, and 50 percent were going at 51.1km/h or less.

However, based on council’s incorrect speed limit parameter of 60km/h, the number of drivers breaking the law was much lower.

The council staff report to councillors stated: “After sharing the speed data results with the complainant, they have requested a speed camera be installed near their residence. TfNSW [Transport for NSW] have accordingly given the complainant the hyperlink to the portal for speed camera requests.”

Staff’s recommendation to councillors is that the data be given to NSW Police.

The new signage. Copyright: Orange News Examiner.

Council has now placed a mobile traffic sign on that part of Anson Street.

It shows drivers how fast they are going, and advises them to keep their lights on.

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