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The Great Parks of Orange

WELCOME TO The Great Parks of Orange.

On this page we celebrate the momentous moments in motoring around our 'hood.

It should be noted that a vehicle that appears to be parked by a blindfolded driver may only be in that position because the car next to it was parked so badly in the first place.

Still, it always gives us a smile when we see 10/10 fails.

We hope you enjoy The Great Parks of Orange. Check back in as we add more pictures.

If you'd like to contribute to The Great Parks of Orange send your best pic to with a bit of info about where and when.


The Woolies car park takes centre stage in The Great Parks of Orange. Never a day goes by where you won't see some spectacular feats. On wet days the rulebook is shredded. We give this park a solid 8/10.


This one below is a belter. Who's to blame? Who knows, but we give it 8/10.


SUV drivers often have trouble parking within the lines because, well, their vehicles are YEWDGE. The car park at Officeworks/Odeon 5/Betta etc is the scene of many atrocities like this one below. A solid 8/10.


More action from the Woolies car park. Admittedly, this "what's yours is mine" style of parking (below) didn't have an impact here, as it was impinging on a non-spot. Still, BIT GRABBY. We give it 3/10.


It's almost as if the driver edged it in just so there was PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY. "Still on my side, what's your problem?" If the other driver parked the same way, nobody could get out. A very solid 7.5/10 for this great park of Orange.


More keen action from the Woolies car park. Did the white car pull in first and make life impossible for the red car? Or vice-versa? Or are other vehicles involved further down the line? Who's to know? What matters here is that this is a marvellous performance all round. A very well-deserved 8/10.


The car park at North Orange shopping centre is the scene of many stellar feats in no-holds-barred "what's yours is mine" parking. This beauty below manages to keep one wheel on the right side of the marking line, which is the only thing keeping it from a perfect score. We salute you with 8.5/10.


Big performance here at the Woolies car park. Just ease it in however. With a little more effort this great park of Orange (below) could've hit peak 10/10 territory, but not quite. 9/10.


Bit hectic for the driver on the left - did they have to climb in - or out - through the passenger side? Good effort. 8.5/10.


There is clear availability to the right of the Honda, but was it there when P-Plater parked? Maybe. Maybe not. 6/10.


Superb stuff (below). If only the vehicle to the right had replicated this manouevre, the spot in the middle could have been repurposed as a walkway... 9/10.


Don't forget to check back in, as we are adding new moments of greatness whenever we spot them.


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