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"Glenn loved our city": Kathy Hayward pays tribute to her husband

February 3, 2022

Kathy Hayward and Glenn Taylor. Supplied.

By Kathy Hayward

Glenn passed away knowing he was encased in so much love last Saturday, surrounded by family and many close friends who came to say hello, and goodbye.

Glenn was a big part of our lives: Brother to Robert (R.I.P.), dad to my two younger daughters Caitlin and Annie, and stepdad to my older children Alysia and Josh, their partners Troy and Holly; and their sons.

I met Glenn after his parents had passed, in May 1998. He was 37. My mum reminded him so much of his mum.

We got together in March 1999. Caitlin was born in December 2001 and Annie in March 2009.

We married in January 2010 [although they were estranged from early 2014, Kathy and Glenn never divorced] and were together for about 15 years.

His brother had his own family; Glenn’s mates at the pub and school friends were his family.

He had simple tastes.

Former deputy mayor and long-term Orange City councillor Glenn Taylor. Copyright: Orange City Council / digitally altered.

We were usually seated at the number one table at functions. We’ve met political people including prime ministers, premiers and ministers. Bob Carr exuded charisma and he liked our city.

Glenn was on first name terms with all the NSW politicians and their staff, but he didn’t name drop.

It was a privilege and heartening to be with him in the past week, caring for him and helping him be comfortable towards the end of his life, all while looking after our daughters.

Glenn loved our city. He was a man who looked after the community of Orange.

He would do anything to help people - the phone rang constantly, people came up to him in the street and at functions, and he answered and followed up on people’s queries.

Glenn Taylor was instrumental in the Northern Distributor Road being built. Copyright: Orange City Council.

He remembered names. He made people feel they were being heard.

There are so many memories of all the people we’ve met, particularly the dedicated volunteers, and people who strived for their goals.

Glenn was the heartbeat of this city and fought for accessibility for the disabled, the minorities, the youth, the elderly, palliative care, and so much more.

He was committed and rarely missed the fortnightly council meetings, council inspections and the numerous monthly committee meetings.

He read the council papers religiously before the council meetings, and they were thick folders.

At times we discussed the pros and cons of some issues and then he would make up his own mind.

Reading through Facebook posts brought back memories of how Glenn touched so many lives. One example is our hairdresser Jody Thornberry at JCs, who picked up both times the growths on his ear and nape.

Glenn was like a terrier, he would follow through until he got a result.

Vale Glenn Taylor.

Glenn and I were opposites; we built a home and raised children together. He had his interests and I had mine.

Glenn, your legacy will live on in our beautiful, beautiful daughters. They adored you and looked up to you.

They will miss you, as will I.

Fly high my love.

The family and friends of Glenn are kindly invited to attend his funeral service at the Orange Botanic Gardens on Friday, February 4, 2022 at 11am. Donations in lieu of flowers may be made at the service to Palliative Care.

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