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Function marquee for up to 250 guests pitched for Orange

August 17, 2023

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By Peter Holmes

A development application (DA) for a 300-square-metre marquee to be used as a “function centre” for wedding receptions and other events has been lodged with Orange City Council.

The owners of a cherry orchard and luxury short stay accommodation Basalt are looking to expand their business interests at 1100 Pinnacle Road by hosting large gatherings on their 13-hectare property.

If approved, the development would see 200-250 guests being ferried to and from the marquee for wedding receptions, birthdays and other events.

“The proposed marquee would be sited at the southern section of the site and be erected in early March until end of June, then erected again in September to the end December,” the DA states.

“The function centre would comprise a white polycoated canvas marquee, small serving tent attached, shipping container storage and parking and access areas.

“The marquee will be approx. 300 square metres and approximately 20 x 15 metres in size and approx. 6 metres high.”

As a temporary development, portaloos and waste water would be stored and then pumped by a contractor. No effluent system is proposed.

Car parks and internal roadways are proposed to be constructed in permeable gravel surface.

The property already contains a brick dwelling, three “as new” farm stay accommodation cottages and orchard sheds.

Some information in the DA appears unclear.

For example, it states in one section that “the proposal will also include … off street parking for staff and guests totalling 200 guests and approx. 10 staff”.

However other sections state that “we propose a maximum of 5 portaloos based on the maximum numbers of 250 persons” and “it is proposed the function centre would employ between three and five staff…”.

Also, the DA says “the focus will be on lunch and twilight functions with guests off site by 10:30pm”, so as to “maintain neighbourhood amenity and the ‘Basalt’ accommodation amenity”. However another section states the venue would “be licensed to operate from 10am to 8:30pm”.

According to the DA the closest neighbouring dwelling is about 170 metres away from the proposed temporary venue site.

It is acknowledged that “a function centre ... is prohibited in the zone”. However the DA seeks permission under a “Temporary Use Clause”.

“The development can be supported with manageable noise, traffic and parking issues being suitably managed. The use will support the local economy and not adversely impact on the land and its environment or future use of the land for agriculture (grazing or horticulture).

“The concept of temporary development can be supported on two counts. The use is not a full time use of an existing permanent structure. The catering shed can be reused as a rural storage shed. All other components are fully removable.”

“Development consent may be granted for development on land in any zone for a temporary use for a maximum period of 52 days (whether or not consecutive days) in any period of 12 months.”

The DA says the marquee would be used for “30 events as a maximum in the Spring and Autumn periods”.

Orange City Council cannot give consent to the development unless it is satisfied on a number of fronts, mostly environmental, but one condition is that “the temporary use will not adversely impact on any adjoining land or the amenity of the neighbourhood”.

A circular driveway would be constructed to allow for buses. Sixty to 80 vehicles were predicted at an event, including taxis.

It is not mentioned whether bands or DJs would be part of the offering.

“The proposed development has the potential to create background noise during operating hours however it is considered the design and layout of the venue mitigate any potential noise impacts by siting parking toward the centre of the site thereby focusing any noise potential toward the north east of the proposed development,” the DA states.

Interested parties can make comment to council here until August 29, 2023.

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