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Federal MP Andrew Gee launches savage attack on his former party

June 26, 2023

Molong during the flooding. Facebook.

By Peter Holmes

In an early Monday morning spray, the federal member for Calare has described his former party the Nationals as "disgraceful" and "appalling".

Gee - who quits the Nationals over its lack of support for the Voice to Parliament - accused the Nationals of waiting seven months to publicly mention "the plight of storm and flood-hit communities in the Central West".

“For our disaster-hit residents, it’s been seven months of silence from the Nationals,” Gee said.

“From the party that claims to represent regional Australia, this is disgraceful and deeply insulting to the people of our area who’ve lost so much.

“We’ve had the devastating storms and floods of November last year, then the Hill End bushfires, and through it all the National Party has been invisible to our disaster-hit communities."

The MP said that since the start of the flooding in November 2022, "neither David Littleproud nor his shadow cabinet ministers have set foot in Eugowra or the disaster-hit Cabonne shire. The National Party neglect of our communities is appalling."

“It’s been seven months of silence from The Nationals," he added. "Seven months of having the chance to help, but choosing not to. Seven months of playing politics, instead of helping devastated residents pick up the pieces."

Gee not only took aim at his former federal colleagues but the state Nationals, who are represented in these parts by Sam Farraway MLC.

“To add insult to injury, the NSW National Party could’ve activated a full suite of disaster measures before the state election but failed to do so. Why wasn’t David Littleproud demanding the NSW Nationals take action? It would be a joke if the hurt and heartbreak wasn’t so real.

“Through all of this, the federal Nationals sat silent and were content to leave our residents to their pain and anguish while they jetted around other parts of Australia. They’ve been missing in action on the Hill End bushfires too."

Gee said the Nationals' "insincere charade is exactly why more and more Australians are turning away from the major parties. It’s truly bizarre that the Nationals think they can play the public for mugs and expect nobody to notice."

Gee has spent significant time in Eugowra offering support to devastated locals.

“Our residents know exactly who has been here on the ground working for them and who hasn’t," he said. "They see through the political spin.

“The Nationals’ seven months of silence shows they only offer a hand when it suits them. They have no shame."

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