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Eat pizza, drink margaritas and wait for your balls to drop - Gender Bender Bingo is back!

August 30, 2022

Supplied. Digitally altered.

By Peter Holmes

Gender Bender Bingo is back at The Carriers Arms on Wednesday night.

It's kind of like the bingo at the club, but kind of not.

Your host for the evening is Penny-Tration (above). There are five rounds, with booze and bar tabs up for grabs for the winners of each round.

A cash jackpot will be given to the winner of the final round.

"Trivia can be fun but if one team always dominates, the other teams can start to lose this feeling of fairness and lose interest," said The Carriers Arms' Ed Hattersley.

"Bingo incorporates that element of unpredictability or chance, it's everyone for themselves. Tie it with some drag queens and it's a lot of fun."

Bingo starts at 7pm. Bookings can be made via the hotel's website for groups of up to eight. Otherwise email

Entry is $15 and includes a drink on arrival. Pizzas are $15 and margaritas are $10 all night.

The event is also on October 19 and December 7.

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