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Duffy: If you're "honest", no need to worry about CCTV cameras at Orange Cemetery

January 31, 2023

Orange Cemetery now has four CCTV cameras. Google Street View.

By Peter Holmes

Newly installed CCTV cameras at Orange Cemetery should monitor not only roadways within the cemetery, but gravesites, which have been subject to theft and vandalism over the years, according to councillor Kevin Duffy.

Orange City Council has installed four solar security cameras, a new "high security fence around the rear section of the cemetery and improved boundary fences".

In an interview with The Orange News Examiner in mid-2022, a local mum pleaded for something to be done to improve security, after repeated thefts at the grave of her fourth child, who was stillborn.

"The four solar security cameras have been strategically placed to monitor vandalism, while remaining focused on the roadways in order to avoid disturbing grieving families," a council statement said.

If damage was found to have been done to a gravesite, the CCTV footage could be used to ascertain who had entered the cemetery in the time leading up to the incident.

Orange deputy mayor Gerald Power said in the council media release that "there has been some instances of vandalism and antisocial behaviour, and every time these terrible acts happen it is painful for families and loved ones. With the installation of these cameras the chance of those committing crimes being caught will increase significantly".

Councillor Duffy was quoted in the statement as saying: "If you're an honest person and you're going about your business, there should be no reason at all to be concerned about the cameras."

When contacted by The Orange News Examiner, Duffy said the cameras should monitor the roads within the cemetery, but also the gravesites: "If we're trying to stop vandalism then I would be hoping you'd be getting as much scope as you can."

He added that cameras covering a wider area would be a useful security measure for "people who go for walks early morning and late afternoon".

He said he had been contacted more than once in the past by a female walker who said they had often seen "some bloke lurking up there". Duffy said he thought the matter had been reported to police at the time.

The solar panels power the cameras and rechargeable battery, allowing for constant recording and storage of CCTV footage in a cloud-based system.

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