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Dual name for Mount Canobolas on the agenda: Tuesday night's council meeting

August 2, 2022

Views towards Mount Canobolas, Mount Canobolas State Conservation Area. Copyright: Boris Hlavica, DPIE.

By David Fitzsimons

Orange’s landmark has moved a step closer to getting a dual name.

Mount Canobolas could also be known by its Wiradjuri language name of Gaanha-bula after Orange City councillors threw their support behind a push by Elders for the renaming at its meeting on Tuesday night.

While the power to change the name rests with the Geographical Names Board, council support will be important in the decision-making process.

Councillor Tony Mileto sought to have the matter deferred to get public input, however the meeting voted for council to take the lead.

Councillor Kevin Duffy said there was no information provided to the council about what Cabonne Shire Council, in whose LGA the mountain is located, thought of the plan.

“I wouldn’t like someone else to shove their nose in my business,” he said.

The council meeting was addressed by Wiradjuri Elder, Uncle Neil Ingram, who called on council to support the renaming.

Deputy mayor Gerald Power said the mountain had always been known as Gaanha-bula by Indigenous people.

In the Wiradjuri language gaanha means shoulder and bula means two.

The council also took a step over something it does have direct power to implement, by agreeing to include the words "Wiradjuri Country" in its formal address.

Just 12 months ago the previous council knocked back that proposal.

In other council news a report will be prepared into the costs and feasibility of providing free WiFi in the CBD.

And a proposal to look at providing overnight bus accommodation for the city’s homeless won council’s support.

Council will now look to formulate a working party and a strategic plan with for the implementation of a Sleepbus service.

The council will also engage with local businesses and fund-raising organisations to secure financial and in-kind assistance for the annual up-keep of the Sleepbus service.

It is estimated the costs would be $100,000 to set it up and $50,000 a year for operating costs.


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